sea salt + aloe hair spray
sea salt + aloe hair spray
sea salt + aloe hair spray
sea salt + aloe hair spray
sea salt + aloe hair spray
sea salt + aloe hair spray

sea salt + aloe hair spray

£15.00 GBP


waves, waves, waves

sumptuous volume

amazing softness

+ our deeply blissful

SeaFlower scent


In a bottle.



Day-at-the-Beach hair

Alessio Lin

The spray is a blend of nourishing natural botanicals that combine to give texture + moisture: sea salt, aloe vera, seaweed extracts, a little coconut oil and pro-vitamin B-5 (panthenol). Finally scent with our beautiful aromatherapy blend. Expressed sweet orange peel oil and rose geranium combine for a crisp, this-side-of-sweet scent that smells of eternal summer. 

    Oil + Water

    You'll need to give this bottle a good shake before you use it to recombine the oils and waters. We've chosen a gorgeous glass bottle so that you can see what's going on inside, the colours and textures layered. It will also help remind you to shake it. 

    The spray comes with a trigger pump and aluminium screw cap for travel. Yes, the cute seahorse muslin bag as well.

    sea salt + aloe hair spray ingredients

    aqua (water); aloe barbadensis leaf (aloe) juice; hypnea musciformis (red marine algae) extract; coco-caprylate (coconut oil-derived silk protein); caprylic/ capric triglyceride (coconut oil); maris sal (sea salt); panthenol (pro-vitamin B-5); lactobacillus ferment (a bacteria which forms part of our coconut oil-derived preservative)*; sargassum filipendula (Caribbean seaweed) extract; sorbitol (naturally occurring sugar/agent for seaweed extract); lactobacillus (the other part of our coconut oil-derived preservative)*; gelidiella acerosa (a third seaweed) extract; cocos nucifera fruit (coconut) extract*; citric acid; phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, and sodium benzoate - preservatives aloe vera juice; ethylhexylglycerine (preservative in seaweed extract).  

    SeaFlower blend: citrus sinensis dulcis (sweet orange) peel oil; citrus aurantium dulcis (sweet orange) peel oil; pelargonium graveolens (rose geranium) leaf oil;d-limonene; citronellol; geraniol; linalool; citral - allergens naturally present in essential oils.

    *This product is >70% water. Any cosmetic product containing water must contain a preservative to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Our preservative of choice is Leucidal SF complete, which is a naturally derived preservative. 

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